I’m Morma.

26. Disabled. Chronically ill. Parent. Gender fluid. Autistic. Homeschooling. Farming. Communist. ☽ In love with the moon. ☾

My Latest Posts

  • Today
    my little dude was talking to himself while playing his game, we were both sitting and playing video games, just enjoying the day together, & he says to himself something about his mom. I jokingly respond with “your mom..” and basically repeated what he had said back to him. (Can’t remember what it was, justContinue reading “Today”
  • I
    Don’t feel like I am very important to really anyone
  • One am &
    My chest hurts cause once again I’m “missing” people that literally never liked me. But, do I really miss them that much? Were the memories really that genuine? & don’t I remember the ache I felt back then, knowing everything was so empty? So whyyyyyy haven’t I closed these chapters?
  • Home is
    Where I want to be… but I guess I’m already there?
  • Why
    Are you reading this? I have all these views all the time and I sit here feeling myself melt from loneliness. I feel like I’ve been on display my whole life and I have no idea how to handle it anymore. Like I’m trapped inside some glass box that everyone is just looking into, watchingContinue reading “Why”
  • It can be so frustrating
    Working for hours to set up school work and lesson plans for a whole week for the kiddos while they’ll be at their other parent’s houses and then feeling like I get very little support from them. No responses. No inclusion. And half the time they’re coming home talking about how they didn’t do theContinue reading “It can be so frustrating”
  • It’s past two am but I’m so excited
    FOR SCHOOL??? that I can’t sleep? 😅 This is what it is like to be a happy and proud homeschooler. I’m sure I’ll be worn out by the end of the week too, but I just keep thinking about all the fun ways we will get to learn this week! I think I want toContinue reading “It’s past two am but I’m so excited”
  • So I believe
    (well kinda, i guess to the extent that I can believe anything) that our bodies keep us in the time dimension, and our souls and the energy around us exists outside of that.. So, is that why I ache this way every winter? Is that why it’s so heavy? It’s all one big loop…
  • You know
    you’re close to a breakdown when literally your entire dream last night was just you having a meltdown on tons of random people/situations from your past just continuously all night.
  • tired
    of always being left out of everything when I’m always included them in everything.